The Painted Redstarts Foreign Fields (2015) Producer, Engineer, Mixer.

Jonny Gray Promises Broke (2015) Producer, Engineer, Mixer.

Jess Klein Bootleg (2015) [Motherlode] Producer, Engineer, Instrumentalist

The Painted Redstarts EP (2014) Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Mastering Engineer

Wendy Colonna Nectar (2014) Producer, Engineer, Instrumentalist, Mastering Engineer

Jess Klein Learning Faith (2014) [Motherlode, Blue Rose] Producer, Engineer, Instrumentalist

Various artists Holiday HAAM Jam volume 3 (2013) Producer

Edwin McCain Mercy Bound (2013) Writer, title track

Patrice Pike The Calling (2013) Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Mastering Engineer

Jess Klein Shy Girl EP (2013) Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Mastering Engineer

Andrew Espinola Night for Driving (2013) Producer, Engineer, Instrumentalist, Mastering Engineer

Jess Klein Behind a Veil (2012) [motherlode, Blue Rose] Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Instrumentalist, Mastering Engineer

Matt the Electrician Accidental Thief (2012) Producer, Engineer

Walter Tragart Single Drop of Rain (2012) Producer, Engineer

Various artists Holiday HAAM Jam Volume 2 (2012) Producer

Andrew Espinola Into The Drink (2012) Producer, Engineer, Instrumentalist, Mastering Engineer

Brian Keane 90 Miles an Hour (2011) Producer, Engineer, Co-writer

Various artists Holiday HAAM Jam Volume 1 (2011) Producer

Sara Hickman Absence of Blame (2010) Producer, Engineer, Mixer

Noelie McDonnell Come Alive (2009) Producer, Engineer, Mixer

Matt The Electrician Animal Boy (2009) co-Producer, Engineer, Mixer

The Band of Heathens One Foot in the Ether (2009) co-Producer, Engineer, Mixer

Jess Klein Bound to Love (2009) co-Producer, Engineer, Mixer

Josh Grider Sweet Road to Ride (2009) Producer, Engineer

Zach Walter and the Cronkites Ambition (2009) Producer, Engineer

Summer Wardrobe Cajun Prairie Fire (2008) [Sauspop] Producer, Engineer, Mixer, 

Scrappy Jud Newcomb Ride the High Country (2008) [Freedom] Co-producer, Engineer, Mixer

Honeybrowne Mile by Mile (2008) [Compadre] Co-producer, Engineer, Mixer, co-writer

Guy Forsyth Calico Girl (2008) [Small&Nimble] Producer, Mixer, Engineer

The Jelly Dots Hey You Kids (2007) co-Producer, Engineer, Mixer

Summer Wardrobe Summer Wardrobe (2007) [Rainbow Quartz] Producer, Engineer, Mixer, 

Matt The Electrician One Thing Right (2007) co-Producer, Engineer, Mixer

Jeremy Nail Letter (2007) Producer, Engineer, Mixer

Guy Forsyth Unrepentant Schizophrenic Americana (2007) [Small&Nimble] Producer, Mixer, Engineer, 

Brian Keane Forbidden (single, 2007) [Fat Caddy] Producer, Engineer, Mixer

The Band of Heathens Live from Momo’s (2006) [FatCaddy] Producer, Mixer

Hilary York The Moon (2006) Producer, Mixer, Engineer

Jay Thomas Cloquet (2005) Producer, Engineer, Mixer

Honeybrowne Something to Believe In (2005) [Compadre] Producer, Engineer, Mixer, co-writer, 

Guy Forsyth Love Songs For and Against (2005) [Small&Nimble] Producer, Mixer, Engineer, co-writer, 

Will Sexton Bus Stop Gossip, Other Lies & Respected Crimes (2004) Producer, Mixer, Mastering Engineer

The George W Bush Singers Songs in the key of W (2004) [True Believer/Vari-tone] Engineer; Choir, Editing & Mixdown.

Mundy Raining Down Arrows (2004) [Camcor] Producer; Engineer; bass, guitar, keyboards

Gene Simmons Asshole (2004) [Simmons/Sanctuary] Producer, Engineer & co-writer “Beautiful”

The Honorary Title The Honorary Title (2003) Engineer

The Downliners Soon (2003) Producer; Engineer

Sheridan Sheridan (2003) [India] Producer; Engineer

Rick Busby Soul Diving (2003) [Private Angel] Producer; Engineer; Keyboards, Guitars, Bass

Lowery 66 Holiday With Genie (2003) [India] Co-producer; Engineer; Arp Synthesizer 

Joe Presti Hot Girl In The Limo EP (2003) Producer; Engineer

Jeff Klein Everybody Loves A Winner (2003) [One Little Indian] Engineer 

Hanson Underneath, TBA 2003 [TBA] Co-writer, ‘Breaktown’

Willy Porter Willy Porter (2002) [Six Degrees] Co-writer, ‘If I Were An Airplane’ 

Tawnya Lorae The Bear Claw Incident (2002) Melodica ‘You’re My Star’

Paul Minor and the Superego All Stars (2002) Producer; Engineer, ‘Merrygoround,’ ‘Save Yourselves,’ ‘Your Grace’

Orange Mothers Traditional Love (2002) [Jim Thunder] Producer; Engineer

Matt McCormack Here We Go Again (2002) producer; Engineer; Guitars, Bass, Keyboards 

Maia Sharp Maia Sharp (2002) [Concord] Co-producer; Engineer; Guitars, Keyboards, ‘Crimes Of The Witness,’ ‘Your Own Justice,’ ‘Willing To Burn’

Goudie …Effects Of Madness (2002) [India] Producer; Engineer; Synthesizer, Piano

David Baerwald Here Comes The New Folk Underground (2002) [Lost Highway] Background vocals ‘Love #29’

Bob Schneider The Galaxy Kings (2002) Co-producer; Engineer

A Man Called Adam Heaven Now (2002) [ARK21/Pagan] Slide guitar 

Will Sexton Scenes From Nowhere (2001) [India] Producer; Engineer; Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals

Weeden Orange Whip (2001) Producer; Engineer

Kitty Gordon Weather (2001) [India] Co-writer, All Songs; Co-producer; Engineer; Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Vocals 

Jeff Klein You’ll Never Get To heaven If You Break My Heart (2001) [India] Producer; Engineer 

God Drives A Galaxy It’s Late But I Feel Early (2001) [India] Producer; Engineer

Dewato Demonstration (2001) [India] Producer; Engineer 

Active Radio 2 song EP (2001) Producer; Engineer

Paul Thorn Live At Short Street Package Store (2000) [Back Porch] Co-writer, ‘Joanie The Jehova’s Witness Stripper’

Matt McCormack Tonopah (2000) Producer; Engineer; Guitars, Keyboards

Ian Moore …And All The Colors (2000) [Koch] Co-producer; Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Piano, Keyboards, Vocals (bckgr), Moog Synthesizer, Bazouki, Wurlitzer

Guy Forsyth Can You Live Without (1999) Bouzouki, Guitar, Piano, 12 String, Melodica Danny Weizmann Hollywoodland (1998) Piano

Kitty Gordon Seven (1999) [KGB] Co-writer, All Songs; Co-producer; Engineer; Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Melodica

Ian Moore Ian Moore’s Got The Green Grass (1999) [Hablador] Producer; Engineer; Bass, Piano, Drums, Keyboards, Vocals

Ian Moore on Various Artists A Christmas to Remember (1998) [Velvel] Co-writer, ‘It Just Don’t Seem Like Christmas’; Producer; Engineer; Synthesizer 

Maia Sharp Hardly Glamour (1997) [ARK 21] Co-writer, ‘I Need This To Be Love;’ Producer; Organ, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Balalaika, Mellotron, Lap Steel

Kacy Crowley Anchorless (1997) Bass, Electric Guitar, Keyboards, Loops

The Borrowers The Borrowers (1996) [EMI/Guardian] Writer, Co-writer All Songs; Guitar, Piano, Hammond Organ, Melodica, Pump Organ, Vocals

Joan Baez Gone From Danger (1996) Writer, ‘Mercy Bound’

Bed Of Roses Soundtrack (1996) Co-writer, ‘Nervous Heart’

Zucchero Sugar Fornaciari Spirito DiVino (1995) [Polydor] Co-writer, ‘Allelujah’

Cher It’s A Man’s World (1995) Co-writer, ‘Don’t Come Around’

The Pacific Jazz Alliance Cool Struttin (1994) Keyboards